Why invest in diamonds?

Diamonds are a good investment for several reasons. More recently, these precious ‘everlasting’ gemstones have already proven their security aspect for investment purposes, as they offer protection against any credit risks of banks or financial institutions, currency fluctuations and inflation. But not only are diamonds considered as secure – crisis resistant – investments, moreover the macro-economic law of supply and demand indicates a structural increase of the diamond prices on the world market.
We enlighten here under the five main reasons which, according to our expertise and experience, explain why investing in diamonds is – from a diversification perspective – an important contributor to your investment portfolio.
  1. Intrinsic and tax friendly profitability
  2. Crisis resistance
  3. Maximum security
  4. Selective liquidity
  5.  Exceptional emotional value

As a conclusion, investing in diamonds offers a large variety of benefits. In general, diamonds are likely to increase in value. This value augmentation is caused by significant increase in demand and decrease in supply. In addition to this, they are also a safe investment. Among other advantages such as high liquidity and the tax friendly aspect, they also contain a priceless emotional aspect. No other financial investment can offer you this unique combination.



                                 “While supply is declining, global consumer demand for diamond jewellery is growing and shifting”

Bain & Company